This was the Week that Was, Vol. 36

I’m gonna get this out before I head off to work this week. It might be the restart of a good habit, eh? 🙂

Posts I liked –

  • Chag, the Cynical Dad has a different take on Dr. Seuss – how it screwed up his life
  • File this one under foods to try. A focaccia made from potatoes. Focaccia di patate, with tomatoes on top. Sounds good. 🙂
  • The media sure has us rapt to miss a whole bunch of stuff…the Rebellious Arab Girl found a cartoon and made some great observations about what interests the world
  • I found this one on, in the most popular section – 20 beautiful HDR pictures. Really, that technique produces some amazing photos! 😉
  • Lastly, since last Friday was the quadrennial 29th February, here are some leap year facts and trivia

New blogs this week in the US Blogs community at BumpZEE –

Keywords –

  • dressed too hot for plane – It’s a good thing that there are very few major crashes, because the hottie would be one of the first casualties.
  • free online proxies anonymously school – There’s a time and place for browsing the open internet – and it’s not at work or at school. Do it at home, ok? 😉
  • sephy’s song no words – You might want to try checking out OCRemix for versions of the song from FFVII
  • ooh – Do people really search for ooh? That’s like searching for Whoa. 😉
  • burn post feed -fat – Apparently there’s a lot of weight-loss results for burning a post feeds? I really don’t know…
  • nicole manske dating – You could try writing Nicole Manske c/o ESPN, Bristol CT. Other than that I don’t know… 😉
  • plan b red wine – From what I’ve heard red wine is always a good plan b, hehe 🙂

This week around the blog, I talked about an interview I attended, and then about the call I got after that interview. Good news all around there. 😉

I also posted one of the posts I wanted to get out, about the ongoing issues with Bumpzee. Not surprisingly, nothing new in either site that I mentioned, but didn’t link to.

Coming up this week, I’ve got a couple of ideas for posts, now I just gotta take time to sit down and write them, which shouldn’t be hard. 🙂

’til next week y’all! 😉

2 thoughts on “This was the Week that Was, Vol. 36

  1. Yay – thanks for the link! I’ve had a few good comments coming in for that leap year post. I figured that since the event only happens every four years, I needed to write a post on it or else there would not be a timely opportunity to do so for a long time. While doing research for the article, I actually found out a few things about the calendar system that I didn’t already know, like the fact that 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not counted as leap years. Blogging can be a surprisingly educational endeavor, at least if one is trying to create good content.

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