This was the Week that Was, Vol. 37

I have not had much time to read posts this week (or to get out to do some Entrecarding), but I do have a bit to share! 😉

Posts I liked –

  • I would not want to work for the Queensland Government – have a read of how the QLD department of Health treated a rape victim recently. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it…
  • Although blackout regulations were in effect in 1943 in LA, work continued to happen at the Santa Fe yards there, as pictured by Jack Delano – one of the earliest train photographers who worked in color as far as I know.
  • Another bit of intrigue from the largest nation in the world – abandoned wooden houses in Russia

New blogs this week in the US Blogs community at BumpZEE –

Keywords –

  • mr. chang’s blog ghs – I don’t know who Mr. Chang is, but if you’re looking for someone mentioning GHS, it won’t be me, because I’m not familiar with many organizations or products with that name (though I did think of GLH, formula 9)
  • how to dress like an environmentalist – Uh….Hemp? 100% organic cotton? Maybe wear some Birkenstock slippers? (Why is Birkenstock an acceptable word for Firefox’s spellcheck, but Monaro isn’t?)
  • hedonism/pic free – Do I even want to know?
  • tv – These one-word searches still amuse me…

This week around the blog, I brought to a close the sports of summer and winter, and the careers of some stars, along with mentioning the hoopla that is local media. 🙂

I also wrote to 1995-era PC Magazine about the observations they made, along with the ads in the back of the magazine. Along with that, I asked some questions of Aussie Homeowners, some of whom would live in what was called during the election the “mortgage belt”.

This week, I still have some posts that I’ve been just faffing on, and not doing. Also, I might just have some new emails from the scammers to share. What I need to do is just take some time and do some pre-blogging, heck I could even write some posts as I’m working. 😉