Those little mysteries

Now that I’m working, I’ve been noticing a few little mysteries popping up every now and then – for example, the other day I noticed that the plastic had been taken off of the windows, since the worst of winter was now over (other than the possibility of another snowstorm), but the mystery that I came home to tonight was one that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Thanks to the weather finally being decent (i.e. temperatures higher than freezing for an extended period of time, and longer than one day or so), almost all of the ice has been melted away, and I have to take time to chip away at what is left to clear it out. Naturally, when you have a large area of ice that is actively melting, there is a concern about where to put all the water that is being released.

For most of the day, it had been collecting in the areas that were clear of ice, and that made the water rise to a level of about two inches – nearly enough to completely cover the foot of my boot (imagine if I had been wearing my hiking shoes – my feet would still be wet! πŸ˜‰ ) – and enough that even the most powerful summer sun would not be able to evaporate all that in the course of one day.

Now, imagine my surprise when I come home, and try to park the car on the opposite side of the house to where all this standing water was, only to get stuck in the mud when trying to turn it around, then spend 10 minutes to get it unstuck, but not only that – all the water that was there just a mere 5 hours ago was gone! I could see where I had spread the kitty litter that I bought from the store in an earlier futile attempt at soaking some water up, and I could even see the gravel that was below all the water.

There were no obvious signs that a canal had popped up as a surprise to clear this water away, and I know that there wasn’t a channel created in some of the other ice to allow flowage, so my question is – where in the world did the water go? It surely couldn’t have been soaked into the ground, considering that it is oversaturated already. I bet that tomorrow the water will be back, and it will be a pain in the neck again.

The good thing, though, is that my feet should stay dry if I just use my boots again. πŸ˜‰