You Call that a Car?

Well, here’s a shock; I got lost in the temporal vortex that is YouTube once again. It all starts with me trying to dig up a video that I’d lost due to an account being suspended, and it wound up leading me to going through my favorites list, and landing on, after some other clicking through videos (including finding out that GSN actually were allowed to air an episode of Wheel of Fortune with Chuck Woolery!), this video from The Price is Right, featuring an interesting vehicle –

According to Johnny O, the car is a Zoll Zipper – one seat, three wheels, and according to the comments, able to go 45mph with a fuel economy of 112MPG (about 2.1L/100km – btw that is one of the few things I still use Google for, quick conversions; you don’t even need to hit enter, just use Google, type in the equation you’re looking for – in this case 112 mpg in l/100km, and in suggestions, you get =2.100…L/100km). Speaking of that conversion, why is it that fuel economy in Metric countries is measured as a function of volume per fixed distance, while in the countries that still use miles (US, UK, and a couple others), it’s computed as a function of distance per fixed volume?

By the way, I’m using this post to do a test of posting using an offline editor – one that I’ll be discussing in the next copule of days. It’s a small program that uses (I would guess) a lot less system resources than Windows Live Writer. What is it? You’ll just have to tune in later and find out! šŸ˜‰

Just editing to add that this worked out perfectly, and this will be an excellent solution to someone who might not have fulltime access to the Internet (or someone, like me, who needs to turn the Internet off from time to time in order to focus! šŸ™‚ )

One thought on “You Call that a Car?

  1. It looks like a cross between a space shuttle and a tricycle. Very interesting. Lol… Not sure if the Zoll Zipper is still available in the market but I sure do hope to see the real thing. šŸ™‚

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