Cash Gifting – If it’s too good to be true

…it probably is. Cash gifting certainly sounds like a scam. I was perusing YouTube’s most viewed videos today in the Howto & Style category, I came across the one that is now 5th most popular, “are your ready to make 10k in the next 4 weeks”, where a gentleman goes on extolling the virtues of this program where you can get money every day. Of course, missing are the details on what you’ve got to do, and everything.

However, there’s the related videos section to save us from insanity, and one of them happens to be this one, with a guy opening a Purolator courier envelope with a magazine and envelope enclosed inside of the magazine. This should be your first warning sign glowing right at you – if you have to hide what you’re sending, there’s probably something shady about it.

Inside this envelope are two things – a “gifting” form, along with a “non-solicitation” form, which, as far as I can tell, is a form that says that you weren’t solicited in any way to send this gift. Basically, it’s a form wherein you lie to someone and say that the ad you responded to wasn’t a solicitation. Yeah. Right.

A couple of years ago, working on some tips about there being a lot of scammers on Craigslist who are willing to give fake people fake jobs, I started coming across all of these ads claiming that you’ll get “Huge Profits Instantly Within Hours.” So, being naturally suspicious, I replied to one, and got an email back from the person who took out the ad with a phone number.

Fortunately, at that time, Skype had free calling to the USA and Canada, so I called him up, and was redirected to this phone call that went on for 30 minutes explaining how just a simple “cash pledge” would lead me to earning tens of thousands of dollars, just off of other people sending their first customers’ money to me. Funnily enough, the diagram that I drew out looked like…hold your hats, y’all…a pyramid!

Hands up if you’re shocked at that – I see none…good 😉

Anyway, this brings me back to YouTube’s videos – there are slews of videos out there now with people opening up FedEx and UPS envelopes with hundreds or thousands of dollars sent to them by complete strangers. This should be another huge red flag.

What possesses someone to send money to a complete stranger in the hope that maybe they’ll receive a whole lot of money in a short amount of time?

This cash gifting deal, if you ask me, is nothing more than an elaborate scheme to take money from people who are at a great disadvantage (i.e. someone who isn’t in a job and needs the cash) and send it to someone who, at least according to one video, is able to buy a full-HD TV, a Lexus and a house.

I have some questions for those of you who may be familiar with this scheme of cash gifting (also known as a 1up system, cash cash 365, and a whole lot of other names). I’d love it if you would be willing to do an interview which I’d publish (in text) here – all you have to do is drop me a line either in the comments or in the contact form.

In other words, I’m asking you to open up and explain to my why this isn’t a scam, and why you got involved, and some other things that came to my mind when I watched these videos (from all around the world).

If you want to read more information that sheds some light into this idea, check out this article from MarketWatch, about the ‘gifting’ scheme only Ponzi could love.

4 thoughts on “Cash Gifting – If it’s too good to be true

  1. It isn’t a scam becuase it is in the best interest of the person you send the gift to to help you succeed. If that person doesn’t teach you how to market and get the next person, he loses that income stream for life. All the person you send the gift has to do is teach you the best ways to advertise and he will continually get cash gifts. If you fail, he fails. Simple system TOCS is the best system to use becuase it has affective postcards as well as many other great marketing tips. go to and type in, that is the hub site in which every account runs off of, you can see that it is growing rapidly compared to other cash gifting programs because it works.

    Another thing, if you join at the $500 dollar level, it is in the best interest of your inviter to get you to the top, he has 10,000 reasons to get you there. The best “customer” is an already existing one.

    The concept of cash gifting is a no brainer and is working for Hundreds of Thousands of people.
    It is skeptical people like you that make ruin the chances of hopeful people. There is a way to make massive amounts of money online, but please don’t join cash gifting if you are lazy and can’t order postcards once a week. You have to do tiny amounts of work, and you will be alright.
    Please feel free to ask me questions at any time because I am not afraid to tell the truth. There is NO question I cannot answer.

  2. I have a question…. If you are sending postcards out, is that not solicitation? What are the rules on this…legality of it?

    I believe that this can help people, but is it legal???? Can anyone answer this or point me to rules/legislation?

  3. Frankly, I am just sick and tired of all these people on the internet saying “cah gifting is a scam” or “cash gifting is a ponzi” or “postcards and other marketing are forms of solicitation.” First of all, these people CLEARLY do not understand the definition of a ponzi. If they did, this wouldn’t even enter into their close-minded heads.

    For those who think marketing is a solicitation. I will give them half credit. If the wording of the ads does not follow the guidelines, then yes, it’s a solicitation. The point is to INVITE people to learn about the program…not to “sell” them and make money claims.

    For the people who think this is “scam,” have you ever even tried cash gifting? Do you understand how it works? Do realize that’s it been around for more than 30 years???? If it’s a scam, then why do SO MANY gifters give their full name, email address, phone number and sometimes a video or picture?? If it was a scam, do you think I would plasture my face and contact information all over the net? Only if I was crazy (which my wife will probably tell you I am).

    I tell you what….You keep thinking that it’s a scam, a ponzi or just plain illegal while myself and thousands of others keep receiving thousands of dollars every week while the rest of the world gets up everyday to go to a lowsy “9-5.”

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