The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 37

And now, let’s get our week back to the normal routine with the walks post on Sunday, shall we? 😉

Speaking of Sundays, last Sunday was the only day I didn’t record any walking, so I’ll just jump to Monday, with the majority of work walks. 🙂

Monday, 31st March

Walking 31/3/08

This was the view for most of my drive on Monday; it was even worse on the way home, when the visibility, I swear, could have been no better than about 100 meters the whole way, and to make things even better, I was the leader for quite a bit of the trip, and unable to use high-beams…an interesting experience, I say so myself.

Distance – 1339 steps, 1.07km

Tuesday, 1st April

Walking 1/4/08

Quite mundane, I know, but it was a part of my day, and the rest of the photos I took were mostly of scenes around the polls and of other gas stations (which would kinda give away too much about where I live).

Distance – 3170 steps, 2.53km

Wednesday, 2nd April

Walking 2/4/08

Well, something not “on the road” for the first time in a while; I took the first step towards a proper walk again by getting to the end of the first section of pavement. These ducks were in the area of where the horses are in the summer.

Distance – 2656 steps, 2.12km

Thursday, 3rd April

Walking 3/4/08

Erm, this is what happens when you have a camera that likes to focus on something else – you get the tree in focus, but the train’s not. While going over the pix, however, I thought to myself that I could do something with it – the solution was a crop to take out other bits of the photo 😉

Distance – 3195 steps, 2.55km

Friday, 4th April

Walking 4/4/08

A while back, I showed the toll that the early winter snows had taken on the tree in the face. Well, now that the winter is just about completely over, there ain’t much left to it. Actually, it’s half gone. Part of me wonders if that’s got more to do with winter or with the growth of the tree.

Distances – after volunteering – 4953 steps, 3.96km; end of day, 9334 steps, 7.46km

Saturday, 5th April

Walking 5/4/08

Up front, I gotta admit that this picture is, I think, quite cool (though I have an even better one from today 😉 ). This is the full view of the normal horse paddock. The water’s there from all the snow runoff (and possibly other sources) from the winter. Despite the count of the pedometer (it was inverted in my pants for part of the walk), I made what would be considered a “regular” walk into the park, which is once again open for public use. There were quite a few folks out there enjoying the temperatures that were in the 60s (Fahrenheit, 15°C or so). It was also a good test of my new water hydration pack. 🙂

Distance – 3733 steps, 2.98km

In other news, this week might see me taking a break from my weekly visits to the therapist, that way in case things crop up in the future, we have the flexibility to have an appointment when it’s necessary, instead of going over there and just kind of recapping on how far I’ve come up to this point.

One other note about this – do you know how hard it can be to type when you have a band-aid covered in gauze on your left index finger? I do – it’s not impossible, but a bit more challenging. That’s what I got for trying to cut a piece of bread and slightly missing and (ironically) nicking my left index finger for the second time over the last couple of years…