This is now the rule…

…not the exception when it comes to TV weather casting. For some reason, when the storms went through the area tonight, we didn’t have one station go into full-blown coverage. I guess when it’s just rain, lightning, and some hail and wind, you don’t need to have extensive, breaking-into-everything coverage on TV.

By the way, a funny moment I heard on the weather radio when they were talking about precautions of what to do if you’re in the path of a tornado (as there were some spotted this evening to the northwest of here), the live announcer (who had broken into the taped programming supplied by robovoice) said that you should “stay away from radios…radios…windows…stay away from windows” in the event of a storm. Erm, oops :blush:

The clip here is from a WLKY-TV, channel 32, Louisville, KY, from 1997, and they made sure that their coverage was probably the most extensive in the “Kentuckiana” area (that is one of my favourite made-up words, just because it sounds so ridiculous, plus you can tell from which side of the Ohio river this name came from 😉 )

The person who uploaded this said that a rule of thumb for TV presenters is that if you have nothing intelligent to say, go back to regular programming.

Unfortunately, now the adopted rule of thumb is “if you have nothing intelligent to say, just say something and spruik for people to send in their photos and text messages and mobile videos to show what is happening out there, even if that is someone standing outside in the rain.”

Just remember, “32 is for you!” Yeah, right. 😉