This was the Week that Was, Vol. 40

This is a bit of a rain-shortened version of the weekly wrap up, but I have all the regular features in here, with a slightly different focus. 😉

Posts I liked

  • First up, some sad news in the blogging world – Radioactive Jam is calling it quits. At least for today. 😉
  • Also, if you’re in the UK, you can check out BBC’s iPlayer for video of penguins flying; or just view the spot that aired showing off this rare species of the bird. 🙂

New Blogs in the US Blogs Community on Bumpzee

None this week

The US Blogs community is open to bloggers in the US that are a part of the Bumpzee community. If you’re interested in more about the community, you can view the main page of it. 🙂


  • scroogle blog – They don’t have one as far as I know. However, I can do nothing other than wholeheartedly recommend using their search instead of google – it’s the same, just without the tracking. 😉
  • offline blog writer – I’ve talked about w.bloggar, however I think that there’s a new winner in my book – look for the details soon. 😉
  • home security – This came in via Google Blog Search; why are you searching blogs for that? If you’re concerned, try regular google or the yellow pages…
  • blogger paid move to new domain and host – If you’re looking to move your blogger blog to a new domain, then that’s as easy as setting it up. If you want a paid service, then you might want to consider going with WordPress 2.3
  • wordpress 2.5 why do dashboards look different on different blogs – Well, that’s likely because some blogs upgraded to the new version and others didn’t. Apparently user input was sought for the 2.5 dashboard – I’m still not buying it…

Around the blog

This week, I talked about my misadventure when it came to my first go at releasing a theme. I’m glad that I’ve learnt a lesson from that, and now I just need to get cracking on reading the information in the Codex about themes.

Another adventure I had was the one in getting the ingredients for an attempt at making risotto. It came out fantastic, and the leftovers tasted really good, especially when I added a bit more cheese to it. 😉

Also, with the release of WordPress 2.5, came my trying it out. First, I wasn’t excited, and now I know it’s going to be given a wide berth when it comes to being placed on my main site now.

Coming up in this shortened week, I’ve got a bit of a complaint about gasoline – yes, the price is high, but everyone is pointing fingers everywhere but where they deserve to go.

‘Til next week y’all! 😉

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