Trash TV

Could there be anything better than sitting down for those precious moments when you get to hear about people and their problems with their partners. You know, the Avon lady whose partner cheated on her best friend only once because he was drunk?

I’ve admitted it before, but from time to time I tune into purely trash TV like Jerry Springer and his old security standby Steve Wilkos. No, I’m not going to go into the lack of rewarding features, but the fact that Jerry seems to have gone and become a complete sideshow.

Take, for example, today’s show entitled “The Axe Man and the Avon Lady” featured not only the guests that were the centrepiece of the show, but also a legless man and a couple of puppets at the back of the stage. A previous show I saw had a man on stilts and I’m sure I’ve seen strippers using the installed pole in there.

At least on Jerry’s show, they own the stuff on stage. Over at the other studio in the NBC Tower in Chicago, the Steve Wilkos show is dependent upon paying at least twice the cost of the furnishings, as they’ve been provided by, wait for it, Rent-A-Center! I guess that’s what happens when you’re just starting out in TV. 😉

By the way, a tip – maybe you should go down to Oprah’s studio; they probably have a large stockpile of chairs and couches left over from previous seasons. Heck, you could even get the couch that Tom Cruise jumped up and down on! 😉

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