The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 42

If I’m going to give alternate titles to this, it’d be the “back on track” edition. 😉

Without further ado, back on Sundays now 😉

Sunday, 4th May

Walking 4/5/08

Look carefully! There’s a duck in the middle of the puddle-cum-lake. It was just paddling through as it was probably resting in a trip further north. However, we don’t know that. 😉

Distance – 6257 steps, 5.00km

Monday, 5th May

Walking 5/5/08

Alright, this is something that most people don’t see on their commutes – it’s a play area for kids that is situated a ways off of the road. Fortunately, it is right where two roads intersect at a 4-way stop, so it’s relatively safe 🙂

Distance – 4434 steps, 3.54km (including walking around a parking lot investigating a haircut deal for $8.95)

Tuesday, 6th May

I did take a couple of pictures, but really, they’re nothing to write home about since they’re pictures of a drive-thru Starbucks in the distance… 😉

Distance – 2359 steps, 1.88km

Wednesday, 7th May

Walking 7/5/08

This is a picture that almost could be considered for inclusion on a gas sign website. This is the Citgo station that I’ve filled at a couple of times because they’ve had cheaper prices for gas than other stations in the area. From what I had heard on this day, I saved anywhere from 7-10 cents per gallon by filling up there.

Distance – 2457 steps, 1.96km

Thursday, 8th May

Walking 8/5/08

This is the lesser photographed, but more often scene of a train – passing by when you and some of your closest commuting compadres are sitting patiently in line for it to get through so that we can continue on our merry ways.

Distance – 2000 steps, 1.60km

Friday, 9th May

Walking 9/5/08

Some people take their devotion seriously by putting a simple bumper sticker on their vehicle. Others fly a flag. For some, not only do they have a whole bunch of lips on their vehicle, they put up three separate phone numbers on the vehicle to drum up her business in the Avon trade…wonder if she’ll be seeing people interested in her products with the van than without…

Distance – 6132 steps, 4.90km

Saturday, 10th May

Walking 10/5/08

The tulips in one of the outdoor beds have decided to come to life. Now, after having a bit of a break from flowers, we have this specimen. For some reason, I like taking pictures of flowers – I think it’s the color myself. 🙂

Distance – 6918 steps, 5.53km

In other news… I’ve been feeling a bit discombobulated lately. I’m not totally sure why, but I kinda feel like I’m complacent with where I am now. Truth be told, I am happy with where I am now – I still want to find a second job on the weekend possibly. Also, I’ve heard some success stories about products being sold on Craigslist and about some things that I should have the knowledge of how to go about doing it.

Speaking of my talents at work, I hinted at it earlier, but I’ve had the fortune to help a couple of people out with their sites. To be honest, I’ve enjoyed the process, even though in one case, it was something that I would have not have thought of for a long time. 😉

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  1. All of those lip stickers are a bit ridiculous, but it draws attention to her and to the Avon brand. I saw a truck the other day with fake cracks all over the body and the back window and it was for some sort of company that fixes cracks in foundations. It was hideous, but got me to look!

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