This was the Week that Was, Vol 43

I can’t exactly say that my Google Reader is down to 10 unread like it was last time I went through this, and to be honest, I’ve not had much time or that much of a pressing desire to read other blogs – it’s nothing personal, it’s just me. 🙂

Another thing that you will have noticed is that I’m not posting every day – I’m ok with that, because I’d rather have posts every few days that are of some quality instead of just having the quantity of mediocre posts. So, with that said, let’s have a bit of a retro edition of the TW3, just looking at the Bumpzee aspect, with a new list of blogs that have joined the US Blogs community. As always, if you have a blog and are in the US, feel free to join the community.

In addition to that, I should also add that I have put together a post for the Aussie Bloggers Blog about one of the subjects which I kind of fancy my talents – reality TV (little that I thought I’d be a pseudo expert on the subject, but really, all you need to do to become one is watch the show. 😉 ). I talked about how the first couple of weeks of the new series of Big Brother is going. My opinion – definitely for the better.

Coming up this week, I believe there’s an anniversary coming up pretty soon, and also, logo-free HD, is it possible?

Til next week y’all! 😉

One thought on “This was the Week that Was, Vol 43

  1. Thanks for the link! Glad to be aboard.

    I have to admit that I’ve got to be one of the poorest social type site members going. It’s always weeks between the times I check in places like MyBlogLog and Bumpzee. It’s not that I’m an unsocial type but more the fact that I’m an old tech head and researcher that spends all my time doing just that and nothing else.

    Maybe when the next version of “Flock” comes out (should be based on Firefox 3) then I’ll be able to be more social, you never know. 😛

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