Are you a Twenty-Firster?

Saturday was the first day of summer up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and of course, winter in the South. However, it was also the first day of the opposite season for each part of the world if you’re a twenty-firster.

It’s a term I first heard on a program called Garage Logic, from the Twin Cities, and which I listen to from time to time via podcast. Basically, the premise of being a twenty-firster is that you consider the shortest day of the year, and consequentially the beginning of longer days a day to celebrate. The longest day, however, is a day to be depressed as, since the days get shorter, you know winter is on its way.

In other words, a twenty-firster considers the start of summer the beginning of the end of long day, and the start of winter the beginning of our trek towards summer. Never mind the fact that the worst weather of each season doesn’t happen until a month or two later (more so for winter than summer, unless you consider the hottest days the worst days — mostly because of the storms that accompany them…).

To be honest, I don’t really care what season the calendar says it is – if it’s snowing in July and I’m up here, then I know something’s wrong. Just the same as if it’s 100 degrees in March, then there’s an error somewhere else. But generally, the rules about when it should be warm and cold are upheld from year to year and from quarter to quarter.

So, the big question is – are you a twenty-firster? 😉