Aww…I Have a Secret Admirer

Though, I bet the Admirer in this case doesn’t see much admiration in me.

First off, a little background: I have taken up some habits of "hypermiling" – you know, little things like not accelerating like a bat out of Hell, coasting to a red light, and turning the engine off when stopped for a longer time than about 30 seconds.

With these actions, I’ve managed to get my car’s fuel economy (estimated by the government originally at 18 MPG city, 26 Highway (21 combined) – revised under new methods to 16 city, 24 highway (19 combined)) up to around 25 miles per gallon (9.4 L/100km, 10.6 km/L, 15.1 L/100mi, 2.5 gal/100km, 0.000029 L/ft).

Anyway, I was driving to the store today, and I pulled out into traffic, with plenty of space behind me to the car behind me, but as I crested the hill, I noticed that the light at the end of the road was red, so I really didn’t accelerate to the speed limit (as it makes no sense to race to a stop, you know?).

I went straight and she went straight, but our paths diverged around when she went to the right to the gas station and I went left towards the grocery store. For most normal people it would have been the end of the story – I know for me it was.

However, the store was really busy (and there weren’t even samples out–bad form! 😉 ), so I walked around a bit and then checked out with my $18.14 in products, including the vinegar which I was dispatched to purchase. I walk out to the car and see this sight (full disclosure – this photo was taken after I got home cos my camera was hidden away in the car) –

I have your license plate # + I now know wherc you live

The note reads –

I have your license plate # + I now know wherc you live. Better learn how to drive fat ass Next time you pull out infront of me you’ll be sorry

How is it that a person can get so pissed off at another person’s driving that they take the time out of their day to sit down, write a note (and thereby taking out the first week in October – gee I hope something major has to happen that week for her, she won’t be able to write it in…too bad!), and then track down that person’s car to deliver the note?

Fair enough, flip me off and build the bridge, I’ll acknowledge your gesture with a friendly wave, cos I’m all about nice and that. But I think a special commendation needs to go to this woman who is clearly so dedicated to the cause of preaching aggressive driving that she took the time to write a note to me, tracked down my car and left a note for me in the front seat (I kept my windows open a crack for air circulation – if they hadn’t been, I’m sure it would have been left on the windshield).

I did think about sticking around and waiting to see if she came back out, but I did take the wise path and came home to have a good laugh about this.

And to the lady who wrote the note – if I ever do have the misfortune of being "infront" of you and you do anything to me – just remember that in a rear-end collision, the party trailing is at fault. Also, you threatened me, so maybe you might want to consider that if something were to happen.

I’ve heard whiplash is a tough thing to prove or disprove… 😈

I also look forward to you sending me more love notes since you know wherc I live and all that. 😉

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  1. I now live in the country, but whenever I venture into the city, I am amazed by the plethora of other drivers who seem to forget they are driving their car, not the car in front of them. If they cannot handle the existence of other vehicles on the road, they really shouldn’t be owning a drivers licence.

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