Brett, I’m sick of you, but hey if you want to compete…

I know the chances of Brett Favre reading this site are slim to none, and I think slim left a long time ago, but I am really sick of his attitude of thinking he has some kind of God-given right to be brought back into the Packers.

He said in March that he was retiring, but I guess he thinks he has the right to change his mind whenever he feels fit. Granted, he’s not the first person to recant his retirement–Reggie White also came out of retirement to play a couple of more years, but his return to football wasn’t anywhere near as controversial as Brett’s is, or isn’t, depending on if he bothers to try to get reinstated.

What’s more frustrating about this is that he’s basically accusing the Packers, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy of being completely against him. I guess he forgot how they came to him in the early part of the year, said that they wanted him back and that they’d like a decision before the draft so that they could know where they were heading for the 2008 season.

So, we get to the emotional scene where Brett sits at the podium, sheds a few tears and says that he doesn’t have the heart to be in football anymore. We think that this is the end of Brett, but that didn’t last too long, now, did it?

If you ask me, I think that if Brett is serious about getting back into football, then he ought to come to training camp, try out for the team, and if he’s good enough (not like that’s not going to happen), sign up for this year. However, he seems to think that he’s earnt the right to act like some kind of spoilt brat–or celebrity–and be a complete jerk when it comes to returning.

I wonder what he thinks about the situation since, out of all the people who have commented on it, he’s the only one that hasn’t. You’ve heard from his brother (a media favourite in Milwaukee), his agent, his mother, I think his wife got in on it, and of course you’ve heard from Brett’s longtime friend from the Biloxi newspaper. Now, we have heard from Brett on Fox News (which is kind of like Ben Bernanke going on ESPN to be interviewed by Chris Berman about fiscal policy), but did that reveal anything? No, because it was a friendly reporter, and not someone who would ask him hard questions.

Heck, it’s nearly 3 weeks after I started this post, and the situation is still not resolved. Now, there’s talk of a buyout option going to him ($20 million spread out over 20 years or something like that, and staying in the "extended marketing plan" of the team), but ESPN reports that he’s not interested and wants to play football. Another thing that happened is that after weeks of faffing on his part, he finally filed his reinstatement papers…only to have the commissioner (wisely if you ask me) wait to see if something can be done before approving the request.

Whose side am I on?

To be honest, I’m on the side of the team here – they approached Favre about coming back this year, they wanted him, but in March, he didn’t want to. Now, two weeks before training camp started, he wants back in and suddenly he thinks we should fawn over him because he’s the prodigal son. To paraphrase a version of this story that was put out as a hypothetical – say that a supplier of a product, chicken, say, wanted to stop working, so you tell them fine, but then two weeks before your biggest event starts, and you’ve set up contracts for beef and/or pork, your chicken man comes back and says he wants to supply again. What do you do? Break your contracts for the current year and go back to your old guy.

So, now, it’s Sunday, and yet another day has passed and the news is that he’s going to be reinstated (tomorrow since NFL offices are closed on Sunday–you’d think that a sport whose livelihood depends on Sunday action would have someone there on Sunday) and will show up at Training camp, landing with the family in tow in just over an hour at 5.30PM, two hours before a public scrimmage starts at Lambeau Field. Initial reports were that he was going to just show up there and go to the scrimmage and stand on the sidelines.

You know what, at this point the story is that he’s going to compete for the starting job – if he decides that he still wants to play and gets the job, you know what, fair enough, we’ll still back him, but to be honest, he’s been a complete prick throughout this whole situation – a result of (as someone said on 540 ESPN today) all the people that take money from him influencing him. Oh well, let’s see how he does, hey? 😉