I seem to be building a collection of things.

Yeah, big deal, right? Everyone has their own collections – video tapes, music, footy cards, baseball cards, and so on and so forth. However, the collection I’ve been building involves this site.

No, it’s not a collection of links, but rather a collection of unfinished drafts – all of which are in longhand on notebook paper – which have been written at various times at work. I first noticed the collection building when I didn’t have any of my current vice – crossword puzzles – to do. I had brought along a binder (which I had taken on Sunday for another purpose, but changed the contents for different notebooks), and I looked in some of the pages, and found a ton of drafts that I had started, but didn’t finish.

Including the ones in Windows Live Writer, all up I have something like 7 drafts to finish up. The ironic thing is that I had started preparations for one of the posts by putting the item I am talking about into the computer so that I can post it.

My goal for the next couple of weeks or so is to actually get these posts finished and posted, including one on a topic I was suggested to blog about over a year ago. 😉