It’s only a theory, but it might be doable…

Snoskred and I have been discussing politics lately (sometimes the discussions have been quite testy, but I’m coming around quickly), and tonight we had a discussion about the political conventions and why people go to them or watch them. We figured out that the real reason people go to the conventions isn’t the politicians, or the crappy bands.

It’s all about the swag, or "Stuff We Ain’t Getting." 😉

Yep, forget the speeches, the bad covers of songs, and the symbolism of anything a convention is, it’s all about getting random junk like a sign proclaiming your candidate as the one, and even some random other junk like a t-shirt.

So, the conversation goes to the Republican convention, which is in St. Paul, MN. The question is whether it’s far or not – and it isn’t. In fact, it’s a drive that is doable and back in the space of a single day – a proven fact from a few trips there and back when I went to school at the University up there.

My first thought, though was nah, this isn’t going to work, but then I started playing with the idea, it didn’t sound too far fetched (other than explaining why I was wanting to suddenly spend money to go to Minnesota). In fact, I even started looking at how you could attend the convention, even for one day – sign up as a volunteer.

Heck, I even figured that, at current gas prices, I’d need around $90 to do the trip (figuring 600 miles at 25 miles per gallon, and gas at $3.75 per gallon – or about 99¢/L, but apparently you can get it for as low as $3.40 in the Twin Cities), and I’d be able to save money by putting my life on the line by sleeping at a rest area.

I did some searches for hotels and found the lowest rate was $50 per night, plus tax – that was at the Motel 6 near the Mall of America.

I’ve been meaning to get back to the Twin Cities one of these days. What do you think? Should I take a complete flyer and see if I could sign up as a volunteer for a day up there?

Just quietly, I’m thinking not, but it’d be fun if I could. 😉

Either that, or I’ll stick to volunteering locally, which hopefully they’ll have something for me to do this week since I’m finally available as I don’t have to work on Friday this week…