NBC Doesn’t want your feedback.

After writing about NBC’s distinct lack of caring they hold for people who want to watch a live broadcast of tomorrow’s Opening Ceremonies, I’ve gotten a few hits from folks looking for the fact that it isn’t live, along with one person who works for NBC-Universal searching for "nbc delay olympic opening".

So, this morning I decided that I’d go and have a look to see if I could find a way to contact them – either a web form or an email address, and lo and behold, I did find it here – Contact NBC.

Listed in there is an address specifically for questions regarding the Olympics – nbcolympicsfeedback#nbcuni.com, so I sent them (and the main NBC Sports email) a letter, basically reminding them that they’re about the only people who can’t be bothered to show the ceremony live, and told them that you know, if you air it twice, you can increase ad revenue…

I hit send, and half expect a form letter saying "Blah, Blah, We really don’t care what you said, but we will say we did because our extensive market research shows that people who receive form letters are more apt to be satiated than people who don’t. Et cetera."

What I received was not that – it was a message stating that my message did not reach the nbcolympicsfeedback email address. Why, you ask?

Well, according to NBC-Universal, the recipient name is not recognized.

The only thing that this says to me is that NBC claim that this box is there, but then you try to contact them you’re told that it isn’t there. The only conclusion I can logically reach is that NBC doesn’t care what its viewers think about their Olympic programming.

What do you think?

Do you think it’s right that NBC has chosen again to delay the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, as they have done with all Olympics they’ve covered overseas? Consider the fact that the Today show is broadcasting live from China tomorrow, at the same time as the opening ceremony goes on, probably just behind their backs.

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One thought on “NBC Doesn’t want your feedback.

  1. I hate, hate, hate how the Olympics are shown in the USA. My favorite events are always somehow not shown and it is hard as hell to watch any of the games without knowing the outcome before hand (since NBC loves to not show things live). It is a pain in the butt. Of course, they won’t care though. People will still tune in no matter what. So why should they listen to feedback? :\

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