Voting Isn’t About Looks Alone.

Before I get to my my main point, a poll I’d like to have your opinion on –


Now, this is the first in what could become a series of posts about the upcoming election.

Recently, I’ve heard about something that, had it not been pointed out to me, I would not have noticed or cared about at all. Truth be told, however, I don’t care about it even after knowing about it – a person’s looks are not enough to make me practically abandon my personal viewpoints.

What is this issue that is supposedly so important? It’s a rumored combover on the head of John McCain. I’ve seen pictures of his head from the front, and it does appear that it is there. Apparently, this is big enough of an affront to common sense that he is ineligible to be voted for by anyone.

That is where the logic begins to fall apart for me. I can see how if you completely disagree with someone’s political viewpoints, something like a combover might be something to add to your reasons for not liking a person. And, sure, looks can influence a decision – look what happened in 1960 after Nixon was at the debate without the makeup and not feeling well.

However, the combover isn’t something that many people see as an important issue – otherwise you wouldn’t have the race as close as it is now. Maybe people don’t care about it, or maybe they’re just so stuck in on their candidate to not make a difference.

Personally, and this is something that I didn’t do in the first few elections I participated in (though in 2006, I did vote for the Conservative Party candidate – I think I was one of about 500 who did in my county…that was on not much basis though), I’ve come to realize that the vote is something that I should take as a major consideration.

If you do vote, you should do so only if you are informed and know how the candidates stand on issues which are important to themselves. As it stands now, I am still leaning towards Mr. McCain – combover and all – but I haven’t taken the time to research all the candidates’ positions on issues.

There are still two months until Election day, and with that plenty of time to do my research on the candidates and choose one to vote for, with an informed decision.

Heck, I might even be able to say, no matter who won the election, "Don’t blame me, I voted for (insert name of some random 3rd Party Candidate here)". 😉

Just as an addendum – I mentioned the combover to a coworker, and their response was the rolly-eyes. I only mention that as a gauge of one person’s reaction – the margin of error would likely be somewhere around 99.95% (even though most surveys consider 500 enough to count for a population of 300 million…). 🙂

Oh, and another addition – I hate the "my friends" line, especially the way that McCain says it.

3 thoughts on “Voting Isn’t About Looks Alone.

  1. Sephy and I have had quite a few chats about this. 😉 The combover worries me for many reasons, the most huge of which being how can this guy lie to the world daily in continuing to pretend he is not bald? If he is willing to lie about something like this, what else will he lie about? Hasn’t there been enough lying in the White House?

    Look, if my PM is a bit off kilter, he can maybe take out Fiji. Your guy can take out *everyone* while sitting in his handy bomb shelter thing under the white house.. and if he is vain enough to indulge in a combover, who is to say he won’t take out a country just because he felt his manhood was being challenged?

    He’s got a history of keeping secrets, ever since he made up his mind to leave his first wife. What is so secret on the top of his scalp that he can’t embrace his baldness and wear it like a man?

    And, as I mentioned to you earlier, it isn’t like this guy is hard up for cash. Though perhaps he has forgotten how much money he has as well as how many houses he owns. Why hasn’t he explored other options with regard to the baldness. There are ways and means. So to me that kinda means he’s lying to *himself* about it. Is that mental illness? Vanity?

    In either case, it ain’t a guy who should get access to the nuclear launch codes in my opinion.. 🙂

  2. Earlier this year, I wrote a post speculating that Americans tended to vote for tall men as President. (Based on absolutely no evidence at all!) Does that count as looks influencing voting? I guess so. If so, Barack’s worth a few bucks on the election-betting. He’s taller than John, isn’t he?

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