My Friends, I would like to propose a wager.

Yes, my friends, there is a somewhat major speech tonight, involving the man who has been nominated the Republican nominee to the Presidential ticket, John McCain. If you know anything about him, you do know one thing.

You probably know it because, my friends, it is the story that got him noticed when he was an up-and-coming politician playing with his second wife’s family’s money on his way to Washington.

That story is his time spent in Viet Nam – facing torture, and even making the conscious decision to stay there even after given the choice to leave. Personally, I think any sane person would make the decision to take leave, but that is just my opinion.

However, ever since he found success with that story, he has used it at any chance he can. My friends, I must say that this is troubling. At first I thought anyone detracting from the use was being somehow disrespectful, but after you’ve heard him give the speech about it once, you’ve heard it 300 times. I won’t even go into the major mental roadblock that supporting torture is after having been subjected to it himself.

Anyway, my friends, here is the wager – actually, two of them. 🙂

First – How many times will John McCain mention that he was a Prisoner of War in Viet Nam? Personally, I think it will be 4.

Second – How many times will John McCain say the words "my friends" in the course of his speech? I would wager on 2.

Leave your responses in the comments, and then we can compare notes after the speech tonight. 🙂

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