Oh Hai! Remember me?

You might not know it if you’ve been only reading the blog, but I am still alive and kicking around the Internets. 😉

Last time I posted, I was still talking about combovers and still on one side of the fence when it came to the election – however, I have now moved over to the other side and I’ve realized that I’m actually more liberal than I thought I was. 😉

Also, in that time, I have gotten involved in a project – at first it was reluctant involvement, but since launching it and thinking more about my political feelings, I’ve gotten involved more – and more willingly. That project is The Mudflats Forum – which was started out of a blog – Mudflats – which gained a lot of traction when Sarah Palin was named as John McCain’s running mate.

It is an amazingly craizy busy forum, with 1200-plus members and nearly 700 posts a day. The best part is that the moderation team on the forum is a group of awesome people, without whom Snos & I wouldn’t be able to run the forum as well as it does run.

Now, in other news 🙂

I’m still working at my job, and still looking at other opportunities to get more work on the side; I’ve been to the zoo, pictures of which you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks when I have a moment to actually sit down and edit them! 😉 I’ve also been to the race track – free – thanks to a gas station. 😉

However, just so you know, here is a sample image from the zoo – nothing terribly exciting, just a peacock which are all about the place 🙂


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