I totally get the iPhone now

And it’s not totally for the reason of all the features πŸ˜‰

If you know me, you know that I can fall in love with things for the most bizarre reasons, and the iPhone is not an exception to that.

They had two available for playing around with at Walmart – the 3G versions, natch, but that really doesn’t matter. So, I see these phones in the electronics section, and I go up to them and start playing with them – first just browsing on the web, then some more browsing and searching, playing with the pinch zoom thingy which is awesome.

Then on the other phone, I went to check out the actual phone portion of the phone that you use for, you know, calling?

An amazing thing happened. Naturally, I didn’t just try out calling locally, I typed in international numbers. Not so much to call, but just to see what happens (because most times phones don’t understand foreign numbering schemes). I type in an Australian mobile number, which is formatted this way – +61 4xx xxx xxx. I expected something odd, but it came up this way –

+61 4xx xxx xxx

Bloody amazing, if you ask me!

Aussie landline: +61 2 xxxx xxxx  – yep!

It gets international phone numbers – for me, that is reason enough to fall in love with a phone πŸ˜‰

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