Getting What I (didn’t) Pay For…

Well, it has been 10 days now since I put in my order for the iPod touch from Walmart, and while I received my accessory kit literally the next day, I still have not received the iPod itself.

Why is that?

Well, simply put, I don’t know. Why don’t I know? Well, let me set out the scenario for you… 🙂

Before starting, though, check out this image first – it somewhat explains the process.

April 8th – I place the order for the iPod to be delivered to the store (as it was the only way for me to get the bundle kit – plus shipping to home would have incurred additional charges, such as shipping and an additional $2 in taxes payable to our local stadium and my county).

April 9th – Receive email stating that the accessory kit is available for pickup. I pick up the accessory kit, with the anticipation that if this portion of the order was delivered that quickly, I’d receive the iPod itself within a couple of days, or even that same day.

April 10th, 11th – No emails from Walmart, and the “Track your shipment” page showed nothing at all in the way of movement.

April 12th, Easter Sunday – In checking the tracking page, a new item shows up – Arrived at Sorting Facility; Greencastle, IN. I look at a map, and find out that it’s only 300 miles away (of course, I’ve had prior experiences with things about that far away taking their leisurely time to get where they’re supposed to be), and think, this shoudn’t take too long to get here.

April 13th – Nothing. At all.

April 14th – Movement! It’s In Transit to the Delivery Facility. Of course, they don’t actually tell you where the facility is, so you’re left to guess. I had some kind of inkling it would be somewhere in Minnesota or Michigan, but we would have to wait to find out!

April 15th – Nothing. Again. Apparently, everything in Walmart world takes 2 days to process.

April 16th – We have a location! Time for the iPod to sit at the Delivery Facility for another 2 days – this time a mere 30 miles away from the store! Surely, that can’t take too long to get there.

April 17th – Wait; what is this? They can actually process something in a facility in less than 2 days? I didn’t think it was possible, but they managed to get it In Transit to the Store at 10 am. I find this out at my break in the afternoon and decide to call the store to find out what was going on.

As it turns out, even a simple 30 mile trip isn’t so simple for Walmart. The person that I spoke to told me that they “might” have had it the same day, but likely tomorrow (i.e. today), and worst case scenario Monday. I didn’t go into it with the gal, mostly because she was cool about my questions, and did take the time to check in and see if it had arrived already, but it makes you wonder: what’s the motivation for Walmart to offer a shipping method which, one would think, since it involves their own delivery facilities and methods of transport, should be pretty straightforward and efficient, only to find out that it is anything but?

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with all of Walmart’s business practices (though, unlike a lot of other people, I don’t think they’re solely responsible for the demise of the mom-and-pop business – there are lots of factors which have led to this problem happening, mostly among them the fact that our society has become one of standardization and similarity that it makes someone who is unique in their field stand out when you have a lot of people who just go to a store – say Home Depot – simply because of the fact that they’re familiar with that store in their hometown), but I do like their stores, even if they’re too darn concentrated in our area. However, will I use the site-to-store again? Not unless it’s some kind of amazing deal that I can’t get anywhere else, especially in the brick & mortar store (and electronics, I think I’ll stick with Amazon – free shipping and no sales tax, yo! 😉 )

One thought on “Getting What I (didn’t) Pay For…

  1. Seems like the more I read about Walmart Site to Store the more I notice a pattern of bad experiences. I guess this mostly makes sense because people are always faster to write about bad experiences versus good ones. I am also frustrated somewhat with Walmart Site to Store. I believe I will get my IPOD Touch within the time period they specified, but what is bugging me is my IPOD touch has now been sitting at the Delivery Facility in my own hometown for the last 2 days with no action. Now this facility is not only 5 minutes from my house, but also 5 minutes from the store where they are to deliver this. I am trying to understand how it takes 2 days to get an order 5 miles to a delivery store. I think Walmart looks at the estimated delivery date for items and if it is not in the timeframe they delay the order. I guess they dont want to deliver anyting early and have happy customers. Walmart has gotten to big for their own good and knows they have no competition, so they don’t care anymore. Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave. Even worse, Walmart was founded on American Made Products and Sam Walton believed in that. It didnt take a day after him dying for this to change. Another thing which annoys me about site to store is if an item is in stock in a store you can not just go pick it up. Even if they have overstock, you have to wait 2 weeks for delivery. Site to Store was intended to allow for items to be purchased which are not in store and tey will send them to the store for no fee. For items that are in stock it needs to be a pickup similiar to Best Buy Store Pickup when purchasing on-line.

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