Car Luck…

The nice thing about having wordpress on my touchy is that I can write a post anywhere, including from the local service centre. Of course, if I am writing from there, and with a title like the one above, that can only mean nothing good…in this case, that means I’m sitting here waiting for a diagnosis on something.

Today when I started the car, I heard a wierd noise and the car immediately became difficult to steer, meaning a power steering problem, though I did think it may have been a tyre issue too. That is, until I got a little further along and the battery light came on. The manual indicated that it was something to check out right away, hence my sitting here waiting.

The problem turns out that there was a belt that came off and, as luck would have it, the belt is in good shape, which means that I can just have it reseated and I should be good to go…i’ll just be a bit late to work, and that isn’t an issue since I’ve called ahead and let them know 😉

I’ll update later and let y’all know how much it cost 🙂

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  1. Hi, Just stopping by to say hello. I am trying to catch up with friends and I am finding some links no longer work, so I need to update my link exchange.

    God Bless

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