A bit of an experiment

These three photos represent what I have been, for the most part, dining on for the last six months..

These boxes and containers represent the meals and snacks you receive in a normal shipment from the folks in Pennsylvania at the Nutrisystem headquarters and driver to your gone via FedEx on a usually monthly basis. 20121026-232825.jpg
This is a selection of the breakfasts and lunches and some of the dinners you receive in a shipment.
Three are your deserts and snacks. What I have done here is split the savoury from the sweet items. As you will see soon how I split them up for the most part…

And this last Picture is of the dinners that are included in the plan. This does not represent all the meals available are are some which I have had and do not use at all…

I am going to do my best to take photos of how I use my foods now and how it all works together. I will also apologize for any odd words that crop up from time to time as I am writing this on an iPad. 🙂

Also in the interest of full disclosure I am not compensated by the Nutrisystem company but it’d be nice if I were. But then I may not have to buy gift cards for myself 😉

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