The Ongoing T-Mobile Saga


A few weeks back, I explained how I tried out T-Mobile’s services by way of receiving a SIM Card for my iPhone. It didn’t turn out so well, as the service was not what I was expecting. After about a week or so of having the SIM card, I returned it.

After returning it (including it being tracked by the USPS) to the address provided, I thought that was the end of the story – I tried the service, and returned it within the return window.

That’s not what has happened.

On August 17th, I received an envelope in the mail from a PO box in El Dorado Hills, California. Upon opening it, I discovered it was a past-due notification from T-Mobile indicating the following –

  1. My T-Mobile Service was now suspended. (OK, well, I terminated the service by returning the SIM Card, so I’m not sure why you’re saying it’s suspended)
  2. The reason that my (cancelled) T-Mobile Service was suspended was due to non-payment of a balance of $152.29.
  3. If I don’t pay the bill, I face the permanent deactivation of my phone service and additional actions, including the account being sent to a collections agency and it affecting my credit.

That’s a bit odd, but OK. And there’s a phone number on the bill. So, I call it. The first call that I make, I erred and had myself muted so the rep hung up on me (oops). I call again, and speak to someone in Meridian Idaho, and he indicated to me that the account was placed at a zero balance due and I would get a bill saying I had a zero balance.

So, that means it’s over, right? Everyone can go home happy and enjoy some fresh orange slices, living happily ever after! 🙂


Last night, I received another envelope from the same mailer, but with a different address on it. This one was in Wixom, Michigan. This letter was from a company called Convergent Outsourcing Inc. This letter stated to me –

  1. This is a notice being sent by a collection agency.
  2. A balance of $152.29 is due in full for mobile phone service (again, how is that possible considering that I had the SIM card for at most 10 days – I received it on 6/29, and it was returned to the returns department on 7/9).
  3. If I do pay this debt, they may be able to offer me the option of re-connecting my mobile phone service at no additional cost.

So, I try calling – this time at just after midnight. Turns out their billing department closes at midnight. Fair enough, at the company I work for, the billing department usually closes around that same time. 🙂

I started to write this post actually as I was calling them again this morning to sort this whole sordid situation out again; I was on hold for someone when I started to write this, and got to someone who sounded like she was in the Philippines. To be honest, I was not up for talking to someone in Cebu or in Cainta or in Manila, so I asked for someone in the USA – and was promptly transferred to someone in, as she said “sunny Tampa”

Awesome, I thought, someone in the USA and I can get this sorted out. I started out a bit heated – as one would be considering that they had received word from a previous rep that the bill was zeroed out and then received a collections letter.

She tells me that there is no reason as to why I would have been told that the balance would have been zeroed out and that I owed $11.56 for services as I had the service for almost a month. I asked for her to hang on while I grabbed my mobile to check the USPS tracking on the SIM card return. When I returned, she asked for me to hold for someone in the billing department…OK, I thought you would be able to help, but I guess she transferred me due to my disputing this $11 amount – which I had accepted while I was grabbing my phone.

So, after another 3 minutes or so on hold, I am transferred to Lance to whom I explained my situation, he placed me on a brief hold, and then came back to me. When he did, he said that he was in the process of waiving the fee. I also explained that it was weird that I received this collections letter dated 8/21 but never received a bill from T-Mobile regarding the service. He was stumped to that as well.

He did tell me that the account hadn’t gone to collections as yet (again strange considering that I received a letter from a collections agency) and that the letter actually came from T-Mobile and that I can disregard this information.

From there, the call ended with me asking for his ID and for a confirmation number – he did give me his ID and has told me that the balance would be zero within 48 hours.

I’m going to check this on Sunday to see if the balance is actually zero. And if I get another collections letter from T-Mobile, I’ll be on the phone and raising holy Hell on these people as this will now get even more ridiculous than the situation I’ve found myself in.

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