They’ve Finally Arrived!

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One of my favourite guilty pleasures is to enjoy the occasional Tim Tam. In fact, I’ve had quite a few different flavours of them, but if you wanted to get them, you had to either know someone in Australia who would send them to you 😉 or travel to World Market and buy them yourself.

Now, you have a new option 🙂 –


I spotted these at Walmart recently. In the past, they were made by Pepperidge Farm for sale in the USA, but they didn’t last long. These ones? They’re the proper ones – sold as Arnott’s Tim Tams in the stores!

And they’re only $2.98 at the Wal-Mart! 🙂 If you are in the ‘States and have not tried them out, buy a packet and let me know what you think of them 🙂

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