Three New Costcos!

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This week is a pretty awesome week for those of us in Wisconsin…there are three new Costco stores opening! Of the three, I can see myself shopping at one of them regularly and the other two when I am in their area and need something from there (or just want to have a look around, though the products should be about the same). For Costco, opening multiple locations in a region in a short time is not unusual. They’ve done it in Australia before, but this is the first time that more than one location is opening at one time in Wisconsin.

Actually, these will the the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Costcos opening up in Wisconsin in 2015, with the other one, which I have visited already, having opened in June of this year. This will make a total of 9 warehouses in the state – I’m sure there are more, but there hasn’t been any more rumors or information on future locations. Needless to say, I’m kind of excited 😉

What’s the big deal?

Well, this goes back about 6 years ago, when there was just one lonely Costco living anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin. If you didn’t go to this store, you either just didn’t go, or you had two choices – go to Madison or go towards Chicago – and you’d have to get pretty close to the city to get there. 🙂

I don’t even remember now why I wanted to check the store out, but I did one day and when I had an opportunity to be in the vicinity of the store, I went in and checked it out. My first impression was, well, it’s a good store, but is it really necessary? The next week, I purchased a membership…thus beginning a good relationship between business and customer. You may say that I’m addicted to Costco, but that site’s been taken already 😉

Since then, I’ve been in a total of 8 Costco locations – three in Wisconsin, two in Illinois, one in Australia, and two in Hawai’i…and I’ve bought something in every single one of the stores I’ve been into (including a PS3 in my only visit to one in Illinois and a tank of gas followed by a single bottle of allergy medicine in the newest one in Wisconsin…that one was for export purposes ;)).

Everywhere I do go, I spread the “gospel” of Costco to people – whether it’s the $10 veggie tray or all of the awesome things that I get for “free” from there thanks to the money I get back from my purchases through a combination of the Executive membership I have plus my Costco American Express card (which is going away in favour of a new deal with Citibank and Visa next year). I talk about it so much, Costco is a bit of a running joke at work with those who know me well there 😉

There’s so much to love about Costco, but one of the things that is awesome is that you don’t see a single ad for Costco on TV or on the radio. Nor will you see them placing inserts into the newspaper – even on Thanksgiving when literally everyone advertises in the newspaper…even their competitors over at Wal-Mart with their Sam’s Club brand. The only advertising you will see Costco do to potential new members is sign up booths around the local area like this one (which was taken in August) –

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The Now Hiring sign has gone away, but the tent is still there. From what I read on Reddit, apparently there’s an open house the night before the opening…which may explain why they only open one store a day…move all the vendors from one location to the other 🙂 As much as I’d love to go (had I known about it), I have to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so I won’t be able to go to any of the open houses.

However, I’ll be visiting the one in the top picture on Saturday…I’m expecting it to be an absolute zoo like a normal Saturday

I will show you one thing I highly doubt these Costcos will have…since this was removed from the warehouse it was pictured in over the last 3 years (note the price of gas…$4.179/gal. or $1.104/L for regular, as of 11/1/15 it was $2.299/gal or 60.8¢/L…and at the Costco pictured below, 10c/gal cheaper!). It’s a self-checkout, a/k/a “you do the work for us without pay”

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Over to You

Have you ever shopped at Costco? If a Costco opened in your area, would you try it out? The Membership fee ($55 + tax) is refundable. 🙂

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