The $100 Question

Or, Sephy has money he can’t decide what to do with!

For the purpose of this post, I’ll just cut right to the chase (and will mention more about this shortly) – The robots won out over the fruit (And I really think that I made the right decision for a long number of reasons).

One of the first things that I activated on my new phone – the Galaxy S6, for those keeping score I did buy the more expensive of the two phones I was looking at – was the Samsung Pay feature, which links very nicely to one of my two cards that I carry in my wallet for payments…this one just happens to be the one linked to my Costco membership, but that’s immaterial to this discussion.

It was after then that, while watching TV, I saw an ad for Samsung Pay with a tempting offer – sign up and use Samsung Pay by a certain date and get $100 to use at So, I signed up –


To be perfectly honest, I was sort of expecting that since I had already activated my card as part of Samsung Pay prior to enroling in this offer, I would be turned down. However, this email came in on the 9th –


Which leads to my conundrum. I have $100 to spend at, but there’s so much to choose from to decide what I want to use it on. For starters, I could choose to use it towards accessories for my phone, for example, a simple case or even a wireless charger (which would not be the most useful since I have a power pack and can do a charge from there, plus the charger in my car which will charge the phone as fast as the fast charger). There are even other headsets that I can buy such as the Samsung bluetooth headset that is out there, but I am not a fan of bluetooth headsets due to the delay that you get when you are playing audio through bluetooth.

But then, I started thinking…there are other things than accessories to buy from Samsung…there are TVs, Blu-Ray Players, Tablets (which I don’t need since I just bought an iPad in the last year), and even cameras. You can even buy refurbished goods for a good deal – for example, this camera is only $130 (or $30 after my discount code).

What I have to look at, though, is what do I really want and what do I need? I have had my TV set for 6 years and it has a bit of a unique “feature” in that part of the screen will frequently discolor itself making the right quarter of the screen viewable – it’s a feature that I’ve dealt with for quite some time now.

Interestingly, I’ve had my camera for about 6 months less – it’s gone tens of thousands of miles with me via road, sea, air and rail

I do have until the 31st to decide what to do with this $100, but still haven’t decided how to use it. Feel free to leave a comment with maybe a suggestion on how to spend the money 🙂

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  1. So, something interesting about buying a teevee…there’s a TV at Costco that I’ve been interested in – it’s a TCL Roku TV. This teevee has the Roku Software built into it. That said, I did get the chance to experience the Samsung Smart TV software and it works decently with my phone (so does the Chromecast I have).

    It turns out they’re about the same price – $300 for either a 40″ Samsung or the 40″ TCL Roku TV (well, it’s on sale for $260 right now at Costco)

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