Hmm…What do you put on an about page?

Well, let’s start with the basics – I’m a 31 year old guy living in the great land of cheese more commonly known as Wisconsin. I’d just like to give you a friendly reminder that happy cows actually do live in Wisconsin – the farmers know how to take care of cows here. 😉

Sephyroth? That’s an odd name. Why?

It’s a bit of a story how I got to this name. The first nickname I used online was one that, if someone looked at it for even a split second, they could reasonably infer my real name. I then became involved in scambaiting, and became restrictive about my identity. Ironically, I had originally signed up for a baiting site using my “standard” nickname, but then reregistered with a new name.

Honestly, it wasn’t one that I liked too much, but I figured that I had it, and people had started to know me as that, so I kept going with it for a few months. Then in December 2005, I had the opportunity to choose a new nickname for myself online, and went with Sephiroth (with an I, and not a Y) because I thought it sounded cool, and also because I had played Final Fantasy VII, where that was the name of the antagonist of the game.

When I started my Blogger blog, Sephiroth was not available for a site name, but Sephyroth was, so I started to use a Y, and it has stuck since. It doesn’t hurt that it is a unique name, and one that you won’t get confused with anyone else too easily. 🙂

By the way, you can certainly call me Sephy.

What does a Sephyroth do?

That’s a great question, and I’m glad that you’re asking it! 🙂

In his normal time, a Sephyroth works in a call center working as part of the support staff to help answer questions from over 400 agents. Part of this also involves talking to the customers who are escalated and request to speak to a Supervisor. Those calls can be very complicated at times, and I try my best to accomplish the customers’ request, but a lot of the time, there is nothing you can do because of various circumstances.

That’s about all the details I’m willing to share publicly 😉

What’s up with the pictures in the header?

That’s part of the theme; it has a function which lets me add images to a folder and there is a file which asks for one of those pictures at random. Right now there are 39 pictures there, but of course, I’m bound to add more to the rotation. All the pictures, except for one, were taken by me. They represent a cross section of the things that I like to do; also, some scenes from the area, and some random stuff that I took a picture of and thought it’d be worth adding in to the rotation.

What the heck is a Platzish?

This is another thing that relates to my scambaiting activities. One of the characters I have used in the past is based on a person from, perhaps, Germany (or Austria, or any number of countries 😀 ) who doesn’t have the greatest grasp on written English (note that they don’t have a problem with the spoken version of the language though). Because of this, the character is known to randomly mangle words and create words that might be a bit of a cognate between the two languages. One of those words just happens to be “platzish”, which in my character’s version of Pidgin English means “place.”

If you’d like to see a sample of this character’s work, I posted a slightly redacted version of a bait I did in this character’s lingo here – Don Chichi: The Continuation