200th post

Well, this is something that I should have hit a long time ago, but like I had said a while ago, I’ve been busy with a few other things, so the blog’s been on the back burner for a while. Actually, if I had kept myself to the one post a day theme, I would have hit this mark in March, but it’s May and I’ve made it! πŸ™‚

I’d like to take a look back for the benefit of those of you who haven’t been reading since the beginning, with some of my favourite posts over the last few months.

When I started, the main posts on here were my Tuesday & Wednesday posts about Rockstar Supernova, with my unique insights into the performances of the show. One such post that sticks out is my commentary on the 10th week’s results show, where I got, shall we say, a little annoyed at the constant plugs:

And we see the rockers coming into Television City in a bunch of H***a E*****t S*s, surrounded by throngs of people there for the show, including one person who had their hands in the shape of a heart. I guess I missed that memo πŸ˜‰ Back in the studio and Brooke announces that the encore performer gets the car they came in! Whoa! Free pub baby!

Of those people, how many do you think were there for this show, and how many were there for The Price is Right?

3 mentions of the name of the car so far before the break, then we see the adboard for it, then we see the AD for it

After Rockstar was over, I had to search for stuff to post about. So I discussed some of the more interesting things that I have been doing. I also discussed some of the things that I’ve discovered in my continuing quest to make it down under.

Something that I haven’t done for a while is watch some movies. I’d intended on actually getting a list of the movies I haven’t watched but need to watch, but that’s gone to the far back burner, especially since I’ve discovered The West Wing. πŸ˜‰ I would definitely encourage you to go through my posts labeled movies for some reviews I did in the past. I think you’ll like them πŸ™‚

You’ll also notice that I’ve changed the look of some things here, including adding a widget for BUMPzee, which I joined a little while ago, and don’t really have much of an idea of how to get things going there. I’m also thinking of putting a thing for MyBlogLog on here as well.

This is my current settings for my site feed. I used to have it as a full feed, but after discovering that there may be sites out there (aside from legitimate feed readers such as Bloglines and Google Reader) which take your content without your permission and make money off of it, I switched to a partial feed.

The other day, I read in a list of tips to become a better blogger that you should have a full site feed to become better. They don’t exactly explain why it’s better to have a full feed, though there are some good arguements towards publishing a full feed, and I’m inclined to agree with their viewpoint – I know that I prefer to have a full post in my Google Reader – it makes things easier for me because I’m not juggling tabs to view different posts with it all there for me to see. I’ve turned the full feeds back on for the blog now and restored the little message I had on the bottom of my posts (you’ll see it only if you subscribe via RSS).

So, here’s to the next 200 posts coming quite a bit faster than the first 200, and for those that keep looking, here’s a picture of Dilana’s nude face

Fun with keywords

I think that this is a post that a lot of bloggers have at one point or another – the one where you go through the logs and find some interesting keywords. Here goes πŸ˜‰

dilana robicheaux and dilana nude uncensored pool – Rockstar Supernova lives on with a couple of searches related to Dilana the runner-up and her infamous leap into the pool on a dare πŸ˜‰

Interestingly enough, I was watching a show about the upcoming V8 Supercar season, and music from their album appeared in a couple of places during the show; I was paying attention to that and wound up having to go back to actually pay attention to what the people were saying.

Another search term that appeared recently is nina visser bott, which appeared in my post about the literary qualities of spam.

Someone else searched for something that I’d be somewhat interested in watching just for the curiousity – runaway truck ramp video.

Lastly, there was someone who has good taste with simple recipes and searched for jamie oliver recipe chicken flour water bake.

Year-End Lists

This is always a fun time of the year for someone who, like me, is a fan of lists; especially those lists that chronicle the year that has passed. Some lists of this type are the ones that Yahoo have put out with the top searches of the year. What’s interesting is that all ten of the top searches here are somehow celebrity-related, while in the other ones that they provide internationally (Australia, Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy, UK/Ireland, France) there are only one or two celebrity searches listed.

Some tidbits from these searches –

  • Rockstar Supernova wound up on the Canadian list – number 4 overall, number 2 in entertainment. It didn’t appear in any other list
  • Of all the sports figures, the only racers that made the list were: Michael Schumacher (Germany – #4 Male Star), Fernando Alonso (Spain – #2 Athlete) and the late Peter Brock (Australia – #1 Sport, #2 Male Celebrity). Honourable mention for this goes to the Bathurst 1000, which wound up as the #10 Sport search Down Under.
  • Germans love porn. The number three search overall for 2006 there was “Erotik”. Shockingly, it doesn’t appear anywhere else in the world.
  • The UK are just about as celebrity-obsessed as we are, with the number 1 search overall being Heather Mills (McCartney), and numbers 2 and three are Big Brother and this year’s winner, Pete Burns.

Don’t be surprised to pop in here one day (or if you’re using RSS, for an item to appear in your feed list) and find me fleshing out the significance of some of these search terms around the world. If anything, it will be a way for me to find out who “Chris Brown” is (#8 overall, USA). Also, maybe an insight into the habits of non-english users of the web (considering that the number 1 search in Germany is Weather, this should be interesting) πŸ˜‰

Rockstar – The Album

Well, I’ve finally had a chance to hear the album in full, as you might have noticed in my little last.fm box. Overall I like the work that they’ve done, and I definitely think that Lukas Rossi (for those who might not have heard his last name before; I’ll certainly say that it’s a better fit than Robicheaux or however Dilana spells her last name) was the best choice to make. So anyway, just some thoughts on the tracks on the album:

1. It’s On – A good start to the album; the lyrics are solid, and hopefully they’re foreshadowing good things ahead with the lyrics “I don’t ever want to fade away”. Let it shine on. πŸ™‚

2. Leave the Lights On – This is one track that you heard clips of somewhat often on TV and on the MSN site, but for the life of me I can’t place where it was in the broadcasts. There are some neat sax riffs in there. Some of the lyrics might suggest that it’s about making a certain type of film that certain members of the band might be somewhat familiar with….

3. Be Yourself (and 5 Other ClichΓ©s) – This song has been in my head for the last couple of days now; specifically the chorus; again, a good track and very listenable.

4. It’s All Love – The first thing is that there’s a lyric that says “never felt enough call it hate”, but for some reason I keep thinking it should be “Colin Hay“. I guess it’s one of those mindgames that you play on yourself… This track shows a bit of the softer side of the group, but it still has a “rock” feel to it.

5. Can’t Bring Myself to Light This Fuse – Here’s a song that shows a definitely softer side of Lukas, and shows the versatility that he has; it is interesting to put these songs back-to-back, but I think that it works; it’s almost a good idea as it gives an 8-minute break from the real “hard” rock (though I think it’d have been cool to let the rock stick together with itself as well).

6. Underdog – This track is one that you should immediately recoginse if you’ve seen the show, as this was the main theme for the commercial bumpers and the closing titles. I think it’s a good track, and the lyrics are fairly solid; it’s another song that is quite listenable.

7. Make No Mistake…This is the Take – I find that I don’t remember much of this track, even after listening to it; I think that the title makes it somewhat difficult to get a grasp; generally when you put an ellipsis into a song title, there is a bit of difficulty in picking up on it.

8. Headspin – When I had first heard this version of it, I thought it was quite good and had loved what they did to it, but after quite a few listens to it, I think that there was definitely room for improvement in it – least of which is the fact that they seem to have really slowed it down. It’s still a great song though. I forgot to mention this, but the one thing that kinda bugs me is the pronounciation of the word “paradise”. It sounds like he’s saying it as “pair-ee-dice”; it just kinda rubs me the wrong way…

9. Valentine – To me, this is one of those songs that seems to just go on for a while then stop; another track that I don’t remember much of. I have to say that it is somewhat disconcerting that the fade-out starts with about 20 seconds left in the song.

10. Social Disgrace – Another track that is admittedly not the greatest, but there is are some good riffs on guitar in there. πŸ™‚

11. The Dead Parade – I haven’t heard many rock songs that start out with a choir singing. I think that it does work for this song, because I think it makes a cool effect, especially when they come back in and sing as backup.

Overall, it’s a very good record, but there is room for improvement. The tracks are quite short, with the longest one being just over 5 minutes, and 5 of the 11 tracks being shorter than 3:30. I don’t know what the exact reasoning for that is; it’s not like they’re doing them to perform on the TV show or anything. However, when they were on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, they performed at least two songs, but since they showed 6 minutes of ads between the performances, the second one got cut off in the middle with viewers being pointed to a site where you could view the video, but there was only one problem: it wasn’t there when I looked.

I hope that they do decide to do a second record after this, and this time have enough time to invest so that they have some longer songs and maybe be able to do some of Lukas’ older works from Cleavage and Rise Electric (it’d also be interesting to hear what they could do with some of the CrΓΌe or Metallica as well).

If you’re interested in reading another review of the album, Snoskred has posted her thoughts on the album.

Rockstar – Back Again

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the folks from Rockstar: Supernova. In fact, the last time I mentioned them was the Grand Final night, when Lukas won the spot as the lead singer. Today was the release date (for the US and Canada; Aussies and Kiwis had the release back on Thursday night US time) for their CD. I haven’t heard any of it yet, but I hear that what’s on there isn’t bad. You can listen to samples of the music on the CD at the Official Site.

They’re also appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight on ABC; I’ll be recording the program so that I can extract the segments where they are performing, and possibly (though I’m certain that there will be others out there nice enough to post the video) put it up for y’all to see, though my local ABC affiliate loves to stick their logo on *everything* that they broadcast. I’m just thankful that the Packers aren’t playing until Monday night; otherwise there’d be a green-and-gold opaque version of the station logo on screen during all program content.