These are the plugins that I use on the blog here. They’re in alphabetical order, but don’t be surprised if I organize them into groups 🙂

Advanced TinyMCE Editor – Useful for expanding the function of the default “WYSIWYG” editor interface. I didn’t think I’d like it, but then I tried it and fell in love. 🙂

Akismet – The ubiquitous spam filter that comes default in all WordPress blogs. For me, it’s a second line of defense in anti-spam measures. TanTanNoodles is the primary defense.

All in One SEO Pack – Useful to add tags into the META section of the page. This helps out getting my pages high in results on search engines. 🙂

Anti Social – This is a hack of the Sociable plugin, which adds nofollow tags to the links to submit posts to various social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and digg.

cforms II – This is the platform that I’ve built my contact page with. It’s one of the simplest tools to create a contact page with.

FeedBurner FeedSmith – I use this to integrate my WordPress feeds into my FeedBurner account. You can subscribe to my FeedBurner feed using the large blue RSS Icon on the right.

Google XML Sitemaps – This is used to keep a proper sitemap in Google’s format updated so that the crawling of the site is made easier for the bots.

Lucia’s Linky Love – This is the plugin that I use in order to remove nofollow from links after a certain number of comments from the same person. This is the best way of keeping comment spammers from realizing any gains from their doing.

Maintenance Mode – If I ever need to have the site taken down for, say, a WordPress upgrade or for testing a plugin, I can activate this so that visitors will see that I’m in maintenance and to come back later.

Performancing pMetrics – This is used to track visitors via Performancing’s pMetrics tool – I’ve found that it’s a good tracker, but misses a lot of visits.

Similar Posts – Ever wondered where those bits about similar posts at the bottom of every post came from? Here’s your answer. 🙂

Simple Trackback Validation – Another tool in my anti-spam toolkit. This verifies whether a trackback is legitimate. So far, I’ve had none of the trackbacks the plugin has marked as potential spam be a legit trackback.

Subscribe to Comments – This is fairly straightforward. Check the box and you get an email whenever a new comment is posted to the post you’ve commented on.

TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter – My primary tool in fighting spam. As of the 30th of November, it has blocked 622 spam comments and trackbacks. The version of the plugin I use has been modified to block comments by url as well as by content. My favorite thing is that by constantly tweaking the filter, it improves the performance.

Where did they go from here? – Below the comments you will find other pages that people who have viewed that post have gone to. It works like Amazon and eBay’s similar features. Stats – Yeah, I think I might be a bit paranoid about stats. This is the same stat counter that is provided to free blogs.

wp-cache – If I’m hit with a huge stumble or Digg, this will help reduce the amount of data that will be sent by the server, cutting down on bandwidth that is used.

WP-Polls – May I have a moment and ask a question? That’s what this plugin does. I also have the widget extension added because I have a widget friendly theme.

WP AJAX Edit Comments – Ever had that when you’ve wanted to add something to your comment and had to make another comment to fix it? This plugin allows you to edit your comment within 17 minutes of posting so that you can add remarks to your comment, or even change the meaning of the comment itself.

Youtube Brackets – Users of can use a simple code to insert YouTube videos. This plugin allows independent installations to have the same powerful tool.