And I thought Fox News was bad!


Over the last year, I’ve had somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40-50 channels added to my TV service, including one channel in particular that has quickly become a “must watch” for me when there’s something live on.

That channel is Willow TV, and it’s a channel that airs only one sport. Cricket. (OK, they did air one field hockey game a couple of months back, but it had India in it, so they aired it). With it airing Cricket, you can only take a guess who the target audience of the adverts on the channel are aimed at…the Indian expatriate community. The ads are mostly in English, but you do get some in Hindi and some other South Asian languages thrown in for variety.

There are even ads for major American companies (State Farm, New York Life) that air and are aimed, again, at the expat community.

One of the ads that has popped up more recently is for a movie called PK. The whole gist of the movie, as far as I can tell, is this guy comes to India and thinks everything is weird. Seeing that this is a Bollywood movie, they feature songs, and the ad that they introduced the movie here with is this one –

Love is a Waste of Time

After one or two airings of the ad, the song starts to get to earworm status, and stays in for quite a while!

Anyway, I get to searching YouTube for the ad and now I learn that there’s a huge brouhaha surrounding the movie, since some people think that the movie should not have received approval due to it making fun of Hindu rituals and customs.

And I find this video which is a “full debate” about the movie and who crossed the line –

Let’s see…we start not with a commentator introducing people one-by-one, we get all 6 of the guests on screen at the same time, with the “moderator” (I use that term very loosely, he’s more of a floor director and commandeer) in the biggest box. Very soon, in a moment when nobody in speaking (at least audibly to us), he tells them all to be quiet. Then we have the religious pundit and the politician going at it in English. Eventually, it just pretty much turns into a shouting match, first in English and then in Hindi…and then it just…ends.

I don’t get it. Maybe we can get an explanation of what’s going on here…John Oliver?

Maybe I should check this movie out…but with English Subtitles