This was the Week that Was, Vol. 4

I’ve been quite busy this week, mostly because it has started to cool down again, yet that doesn’t mean that the temps won’t go up again. Also, I’ve been busy commenting. I didn’t quite hit my overall goal that I set out for myself, but I did comment on blogs every day this week, and that in itself is a great improvement. I also managed to get quite a few things sorted out both online and off-line.

Posts I liked –

New Blogs I’m reading in Google Reader – only one this week, as most of the blogs I’ve been reading this week are in the RSS feeds from Bumpzee

  • Dipping Into the Blogpond – I keep finding myself reading the posts there, so I figured it was time to subscribe to the feed 🙂

New blogs this week in the US Blogs community at BumpZEE –

This week around the blog, it’s been a really good week for traffic – 146 visitors stopped by. That’s a direct result of my commenting on more blogs, and why, if you’re a blogger, you need to be out there commenting and building relationships. Incidentally, I also crossed the 2,000 visitor barrier during the week.

Speaking of building relationships, I was honored to receive the Power of Schmooze Award for building the US Blogs Community. I also revealed that I’m a geek; I’ve gotten the problem that I described fixed after doing a lot of searching. Also, I discussed my baggage. Last week, I mentioned a major change – and by Friday, I had completed the first step – renewing my instructional permit to drive.

This week, I have a couple of goals; first is to read through both the Aussie and the US Blogs RSS feeds – combined, they have nearly 2000 unread items because I am bad at keeping up with all the posts. That will also make my commenting goal (still at 10-15 a day) much easier, even if I do wind up commenting on a post that’s a week or two old. Also, look out for a movie review; I still don’t know what movie I’m going to do, but all I know is that it won’t be Apollo 13 (I like the movie, but I said that I wouldn’t do the same movie as Snos did 😉 ). Of course, Wednesday means the Hump Day Hmm, which this week is about “How we let it go.” Essentially, how we let off our steam.

The last little note I wanted to make is that I’ve switched my feed over to Feedburner, but unless you started to notice the little “FeedFlares” at the bottom, you probably didn’t notice anything. That’s thanks to the integration of Feedburner into Blogger.

2 thoughts on “This was the Week that Was, Vol. 4

  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Sephy – oh! the pressure to live up to expectations 😉

    Great to see the US blogs community growing so nicely.

  2. Well, my expectations are that you don’t move your feed address unexpectedly, and keep writing good posts. Pretty simple, eh? 😉

    Thanks 🙂

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