Nutrisystem Sunday

Breakfast: Omelet and toast (on my own)

As I had said I started the Nutrisystem with the weekends on my own plan, which means that I do have meals on my own at times. This time, I made up some egg substitute, mixing in mushrooms and onions and a small amount of reduced fat cheese; for sides I had three slices of Canadian bacon, and two slices of rye bread (both of which constitute one serving each). I usually season with salt and or Mexican hot sauce, which is awesome 🙂


Lunch: Cheesy mashed potatoes with pork roast and bagel

So as I said earlier, I am not a fan of the mashed potatoes included in some Nutrisystem meals. Those are the beef dinners. Howev, I am a huge fan of these cheesy mashed potatoes. They’re dried and you pour boiling water into the dish and have it that way, letting it sit for a while.

On most occasions I have it with chicken, but there was some remaining lean pork in the refrigerator that had been made up, so I cut a couple of slices off of there and heated them on the I stove while I toasted a bagel to have with it. I also added a tomato to the lunch to give some more vegetables. Sometimes I will slice it up and include it in the potatoes, which is interesting! 🙂


Dinner: Italian flatbread pizza with veg and orange

There is really no end of the variety that comes with Nutrisystem (well, actually they only have a scant one seafood option: tuna salad, I don’t know If their fresh frozen items have any seafood, that would be interesting to see), and the pizza is one of those options. However, the pizza is something that I have not made in a long time, as it does take a bit of effort to get done, plus I’m not all that’s impressed with the cheese, it doesn’t seem to melt too well…

However what I do to spice it up is to put some mushroom and onion (and some green pepper if I have some) and then put it either in the oven or use the pizza pizzazz machine that I bought for a steal from a rummage sale. The pizza itself isn’t too bad, but the time that is required to make it is quite a lot, so I don’t order it anymore…


Dessert: Crispy mint bar

It is interesting that Nutrisystem provides all the healthy foods, and yet all kinds of chocolate products, though it isn’t really chocolate, as they use some alternative products to not use the cocoa butter, but they usually have cocoa powder in there.

However, as with the mint cookie, the flavors are really well put together, and it is a good way to close out the day 🙂


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