The Sunday Snap, Week 1

This line that Snoskred wrote caught my eye…because I fit into both categories –


Do I read the posts? Yep.

Do I have folders on my computer with digital photos…um maybe?


This just covers from December 2009-July 2010. Never mind the mind-bogglingly insanely large number of photos that I have in my Mac’s Photo Library, plus the photos that I have laying around on CDs and DVDs going back to 2003 when I got my first digital camera, a Sony Powershot.

Anyway, today’s photo doesn’t come from the selection of folders above, but it is from the Canon camera on November 4, 2011. The location was somewhere near Mayfield NSW while Snoskred, her Other Half, and myself were heading to Canberra for the weekend while I was visiting them.

At the beginning of this particular routing to Canberra, there is a sign advising that there are dirt roads. The problem is that, of course, the quality of the road can be quite varying and the traffic quite low. I do remember quite a fair number of bumps along the way, and even having to ford a stream or two.

We also had to stop for this –

nightroo - 1

Which I believe is actually the first wild kangaroo that I saw on my trip. It was really no different to coming across deer while driving around here though as a good reinforcement to pay attention to the road and keep a keen eye out for any beady eyes you may spot along the way. 🙂