Experience Isn’t An Issue Anymore.

For all the complaining that Republicans have done about the seeming lack of experience that Barack Obama has, and that he’s not qualified for being President, it’s all for no good.


Sarah Palin. There’s no word if she’s related by marriage to Monty Python’s Michael Palin, but she must be a comedian (I’ll get to that later).

The favourite complaint of Republicans about Obama is that he hasn’t had any "experience" in doing things important to being President – has John McCain? For that matter, has anyone who has ever run for President? I think the job of President is more of a job that makes the man rather than the man that makes the job – as in, despite people saying there is no "on-the-job" training, the fact is that there is nothing that can train you for the unique challenges that the position of most powerful person in the world has to face.

Sure there are good points about this seeming inexperience, such as the challenge to name an accomplishment, but you could say that about a lot of Presidential candidates and Presidents before they came into office.

However, the argument is seriously been stifled thanks to picking Governor Palin of Alaska. Sure she’s been in the office more than a year, and she’s been the mayor of a town where their powers and duties are exactly ten, but how does that prepare you to be President?

Anyway, they say that selection of a Vice Presidential candidate is a test of the candidate’s character. To select a woman – great move if it weren’t for the fact that this is coming off of a big fit over the non-selection of Hillary Clinton for Vice-President under Obama. I think that it’s a move meant to pander to women (a point that Snoskred has a great parody of here – Wimmins Will Vote for Wimmins, KTHXBAI) – it might solidify some Republican women, but I think that to expect a massive shifting of Democratic women to vote for McCain based on Governor Palin is quite a major stretch.

The other thing that is troubling about this decision is that I question the decisions that Sarah and her husband have made in regards to the names of their children. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that she did this as an evil joke on her children, to make them the immediate butt of jokes in any conversation. What are those names, may you ask?

  • Track, that thing that athletes run on in athletics, or the place automobiles go to race or fine tune.
  • Bristol, most notably a city in the South West of England, also a city straddling the Tennessee-Virginia State border, home to Bristol Motor Speedway – the largest sports stadium (in terms of seating) in the state.
  • Willow, a tree (weeping willow – if that kid cried in school…well the jokes could write themselves 😉 )
  • Piper, a few notables on that name, but the most notable is the Piper Cub aircraft.
  • Trig, short for trigonometry, a notoriously complex maths subject (though I didn’t do too bad in it or Calculus kthxbai!).

One last thing to think about with this discussion of judgement – the event was held at the Nutter Center. Need I say more? 😉

And then there is also this piece from a blog at UPenn – Palin, Obama and the Experience Issue. The key is that it takes a look at the different variations on "Experience" there are.

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  1. Presumably none of them had prior experience as President except Grover Cleveland?

    Those names though are gold! Why is it so many people in public life are so retarded when choosing names for their children? Does being in the public eye make you so clueless? Or is being a blithering idiot a requirement for public life?

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